Saturday, 12 February 2011

A short trip out…..

This morning saw nb Windsong throw off the shackles mooring ropes and head out for her first trip since we tied up at Blisworth Marina in the middle of September.  It was to be only a short trip out, 20 minutes down the GU to Blisworth Tunnel Boats to be hauled out of the water for her first pressure-wash and a few coats of blacking.


The sun was shining brightly when Rog set out alone on his ‘epic’ journey, but not before I’d had a little ride around the corner to Gayton Junction services to empty a cassette (we couldn’t be bothered to lug it half way around the marina and over the bridge to the Elsan at the marina!) We then turned around and headed back the way we’d come, dropping me off back at the marina to collect the car and drive it to Blisworth Tunnel Boats to meet Rog at the other end.  I was sad that I had to go by car, as it was a lovely morning, but too far to walk back, with Rog’s toe still a bit tender.


Arriving at the boatyard, we tied up alongside one of their hire-boats and dropped off the keys in the office.  I have to admit to being a bit nervous about the lift-out, as it’s the first time, but having seen their hoist, I feel happier now. It’s a bit like a covered dry-dock, but instead of emptying the water out they just lift the boat and slide planks underneath.  We plan to go over about Tuesday to see how they are getting on.


  1. Hi both - Rog's toe has healed well, but is still tender as the skin is all new, and becomes sore if he tries to walk for too long. Time will cure that problem.


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