Monday, 14 February 2011

Geocaching Travel Bug

Back in November 2009 we started off a Travel Bug in a cache near Blisworth Tunnel.  For the uninitiated, a Travel Bug is a ‘trackable’ which is intended to be moved from cache to cache.  The idea is to see how far it gets.  Each has a unique number which, when entered into the geocaching website, will bring up the details of the Bug, the intention  - in this case to ‘travel the inland waterways of the world’, and where it has been.
We had a look at ours today, and it is currently in Germany, having travelled from Blisworth to Braunston then on to Dorset.  It then left our shores and went to Flensburg in Northern Germany and then to Solvig Voldsted in Denmark. It went to Copenhagen, and then to the east coast of Denmark for a while (place names are missing from the log) and then to the ‘Lost Places’, in Sachsen-Anhalt, back in Germany. It then moved again and was last picked up, still in the Sachen area of Germany, back in October last year.

We have sent a message to the person who picked it up asking for it to be re-located so it can continue it’s journey – we hope that they will do so, as it would be a shame to lose it!
We plan to start another Bug early on our travels this year, this time asking that it remain in the UK.


  1. It is always disappointing when a TB or geocoin languishes. Prompt emails are helpful but no guarantee, some people just don't care :-( Losing the financial invest is a bummer but it's getting part-way through a mission that is most disappointing.

    I hope your TB keeps moving!

  2. We had an email back from the Germans who had our TB saying they would drop it off the next week - they did - in a cache on a glass bottomed trip boat in Gran Canaria!! Some helpful Dutch geocachers, realising that Inland Waterways are not common in Gran Canaria rescued it and took it back to Holland within a day or two. So it's on it's travels again - hopefully it will remain in Inland waterways now!!
    Pip & Rog


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