Saturday, 18 May 2013

Another job jobbed…..

The last few cold winters have not been kind to Windsong.  The winter before last the temperature was so low for so long that the steel contracted to such a degree that some of panel pins in our tongue and groove ceiling popped out, allowing the boards to drop, primarily in the shower room.

Photo0029 ‘Before’

We have been putting off the job of repairing it because we weren’t quite sure how to best to tackle it as the ceiling wouldn’t push up into place again.  However, after last weeks’ craning out and in again, the boards were really loose and in danger of falling down on top of one of us while sitting on the loo (!)  as the problem had extended to the rest of that side of the shower room, and also to a lesser extent into the saloon.  So, having consulted with Beacon Boats on how best to fix the problem, and having received details instructions and an offer to come over and help if it proved too difficult, we picked our day (the sun was shining and the steel had warmed up and expanded)  and set to work.  We originally thought we’d have to remove the trim and then remove the T & G boards and pin them back up one at a time, but that proved not to be the case.  We found where the battens ran by locating the tiny heads of the panel pins and then Rog proceeded to hammer in more pins while I pushed up the boards – it worked!  Amidst much swearing, cursing and dropping of pins, we got it done.  I don’t think I’ve heard the ‘f’ word quite often for a long time, as Rog again and again hit his thumb or fingers with the hammer – not easy nailing and hammering above your head!!



And ‘After’

Doesn’t look like much of a big job, does it?  But 50 something feet of it makes it so!

That’s another job jobbed!!

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