Monday, 13 May 2013

Back where she should be…..

A second coat of blacking was put on the top part up to the gunwales yesterday and we were told that she would be craned back into the water today.  Having been told on the phone this morning that Windsong was being craned as we spoke, we left to go and collect her and put her back onto her berth.  We arrived to find her still on the bank, but in the crane’s straps.  Apparently the crane driver had been called away!  So, there we sat, in the car, waiting.  About 15 minutes later the crane driver and two of the marina staff came out and things started to move.  Neither of us could watch as she was lifted, swung around, and dropped back into the water.  All I know is, that, before I shut my eyes, she was bouncing up and down in the straps due to the strong wind!!!  Scary or what?  Anyway, no mishaps!


The only photo I managed to take this morning, just as she was back in the water, I had my eyes shut most of the time!!

Rog reversed back to the marina entrance and, unusually, had to have two goes at reversing into our berth as the wind was so strong it kept pushing us too far over.  Managed in the end though.  So, that’s one job jobbed – next is to arrange the surveyor to do the BSC – can’t believe it’s 4 years already!


  1. Hello - I was at Gayton lunchtime yesterday - walked round to your boat - but you weren't on board. What a shame - sorry I missed you. Now at Stoke Bruerne, heading for Thames and River Wey. Best Wishes, Linda and Ebony nb Kanbedun Again

  2. Linda. What a pity! Rog was there earlier in the morning putting some cat litter on some diesel that had leaked into the engine bay! Enjoy your trip on the Thames and the Wey.
    Pip xxx


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