Saturday, 18 May 2013

The best laid plans…..

Yesterday we went to the Northampton Arm to fulfil a long tern commitment to help Matilda Rose and No Problem up the 17 locks.  We parked at the top and started to walk down the locks towards Northampton, expecting to meet the two boats about 3 or 4 locks up the flight.  But things didn’t go strictly to plan!  At Lock 13 we decided to hang around as it was quite a long way to Lock 14.  When there was no sign of either boat, I texted Jill on MR to find out where they were, only to discover that they had about 10 tons of wire around their prop and that Graham was currently head and shoulders down the weed hatch with a pair of wire cutters.  No Problem was continuing up the locks.  When they eventually appeared half an hour later, Rog stayed with them while I tramped on down the locks to see if I could see MR.  It was too far to the next lock, let alone to the one they were stuck by, so I turned back, to find that NP now had stuff around their prop!!  However, it was only weed and soon cleared and we were on our way again.  MR got going eventually and caught us up when we stopped for lunch, with NP in one lock, and MR in the one below – good job the flight was quiet!  The delicious home made soup and equally delicious home made bread (courtesy of Sue and Vic – NP) was very welcome. 


Stopped for lunch


Matilda Rose all on her own in the lock below

Unfortunately, we couldn’t carry on with them any further as we had to get back for Ozzy’s appointment with his groomer.  Still, at least we did get to see everyone eventually!  Well, that will teach us to make plans!  That’s boating for you.

Ozzy’s groomer wasn’t at all pleased with me – he was filthy, and very wet.  She had to bath him twice before she could clip him!  He now has a new name – Shorn the Sheep!  A little shorter than usual, but hopefully it will be easier to cope with his rapidly growing coat during our summer cruise.


Ozzy sporting his new haircut and his new collar – a belated birthday present

This morning we were out again, this time to Foxton to visit Ali and John on nb Triskaideka.  We had coffee and a chat and then Ali and John had to move the boat over to the other side of the canal for Sam the engine man to service their engine.  It was only a flying visit, but it was lovely to see them again.  Thanks for the cake Ali!

That is probably all our boat visiting done for now, but, you never know, someone else might appear in the vicinity that we need to go and see.  Hopefully, by the time we meet up with the next lot of boaty friends, we’ll be out on the boat ourselves.


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose19 May 2013 at 00:19

    Poor Ozzy and it's sooooo cold he's going to need a hot water bottle. Sorry we hardly saw you but we'll keep you to that curry date!

  2. It was nice to meet up with you all.
    Ozzy certainly had a fun time with his mud pack treatment LOL
    He certainly has a good hairdresser though, how smart he looks now :)

  3. Jill - we are certainly up for it! Ozzy seems to have got over his sulk at being given a new name - Shorn the Sheep!!! xxx

    Kevin - it was nice to meet you too.


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