Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blacking done….

Windsong was lifted out of the water late on Tuesday, in preparation for pressure washing and blacking to start on Wednesday.  Her bottom was not a pretty sight.




By Friday, we were told she was going back into the water, fully blacked.  We went across to the marina to find that they had forgotten to black all the way up to the gunwales, even though it was highlighted on the worksheet – luckily they hadn’t begun the craning when we got there so we were able to point it out.  So, she didn’t go back into the water after all.  They finished the job yesterday afternoon, and it’s now looking much better.




Just a bit of rust to deal with just above the waterline on the tunnel band and she’ll be good as new – well except for the damn roof!  We have booked a boat painter to take it back to the bare metal, and he will put a coat of rustproofing on, then 2 coats each of primer, undercoat and top coat.  They can’t do that until the first week of June though, so we’ve a few weeks to wait yet.  Still, at least when that is sorted we might actually be able to get away for a bit of cruising! I feel a few days of washing, polishing and cratch cover scrubbing coming on over the next couple of weeks – weather permitting.


  1. Glad you've got it sorted. We and No Problem will be going up the Northampton Arm next Friday - it would be great to see you if you still fancy a bit of exercise. I'll ring you in the week to sort out timings. Jill


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