Monday, 26 July 2010

Just checking…

Rog has bought me a new laptop for my birthday, so this is to check that it is set up properly to import my blog postings from Windows Live Writer.

Rog’s toe is improving very slowly, we are still waiting for confirmation of his out-patient appointment.  It has been made, but is not until Aug 18th – almost five weeks after his discharge from hospital.  The consultant wanted to see him 2-3 weeks after, so we are trying to get an earlier appointment. Not sure if I can stick another four and a half weeks in the marina waiting for it!


  1. Its working!!!

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you can bring the appointment forward.

    I went to Stoke Bruerne today (for a fix!) with my sister and neice and great neice and nephew, took my great neice (21 months) on the trip boat! she was really impressed and all she is telling everyone is that it was dark (it goes a little way into the tunnel!)we also went to the childrens farm, had a lovely day with lunch in the Navigation.

    Thought there might be a very small chance of seeing Karen & Ian as I know they are in the area, but didn't!

    Take care


  2. Thanks Ali - birthday is not till next Monday, but our son Russ came over to see us on Saturday and we took the opportunity of having his car there to do a bit of shopping further afield than the local Tesco! I think you only missed Karen and Ian by a day or so - I think they are heading there today, what a shame!
    Pip xx


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