Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Success !!

Having spoken to the Consultant’s secretary on Friday, we were awaiting an email letting us know the new date for Rog’s out patient appointment.  Did we get one?  Well, what do you think?  So Rog phoned again today and it was fairly obvious that nothing had been done.  She said that there was “some confusion” and she would get someone from the vascular team to call back.  We didn’t hold our collective breaths, but, sure enough, we had a call less than an hour later, and one of the Registrars agreed that Aug 18th was much too far away and he would sort it out.  Not long afterwards we had another call, giving him an appointment for next Wednesday, Aug 4th!  That’s more like it!  Rog asked whether they could provide transport (he can’t walk very far at all, certainly not enough to get to the bus stop, get from the bus onto a train, and then walk from Paddington station to the hospital) and they said they could – result!!!  I dread to think what a taxi there from Yeading and back again would have cost, so all’s well that ends well.

Just goes to show that the NHS can get it’s act together when it wants to.

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