Tuesday, 6 July 2010


On Monday we decided to try again to moor in Paddington Basin.  This time we were lucky and secured two of the six available spaces.

 SDC11092Elvis has not left the building – he’s on the balcony!

 SDC11094Mural made from litter

 SDC11095Paddington Basin – on the right is St Mary’s Hospital

The bad news is that Rog is in hospital!  His infected big toe suddenly became much worse, so when we arrived we went straight to A & E, and after five hours of X rays, blood tests, and scans to check that the circulation to his foot is still ok, the Vascular consultant decided to keep him in.  He is at the moment being pumped full of strong intravenous antibiotics, and painkillers, and tomorrow he is to have a general anaesthetic and they will remove the nail and clean out all the infection.  Lets hope it does the trick, and it will heal quickly.  So I’m stuck in the basin, with a 15min walk to Little Venice to empty the loo cassette,  and no official water tap, although there is one on the corner or one of the office blocks which Ian and I persuaded the security guards to let me use to fill the tank, ‘just this once’, yesterday evening – 4 hoses joined together did the trick .  There may have to be another ‘just this once’ when it runs low again.  There is a park nearby  - the original Paddington Green, to walk Cassie, and shops all around so it could be worse, and it’s only a quick walk across the bridge in the picture to the hospital.

I will keep you all informed as to Rog’s progress.


  1. So sorry to read about Rog and his toe! Wish him well from us when you see him soon.
    Regards Chas n Ann

  2. Hiya

    Really sorry about Rog, hope it all goes well tomorrow, send him our regards!

    Ali & John

  3. If you need to overstay have a word with BW first and they should OK things if its a medical problem

  4. I'd agree about contacting BW about mooring - we've always found them to be very helpful. They have an office on the BW barge by Sheldon Place (you'll pass it on your way to the service point).

    If all else fails, wave a full cassette at them until they agree to let you stay!

    Hope Rog gets better soon.

    Sue, Indigo Dream

  5. Oh Pip, sorry to hear about Rog.. Hope he heals real quick..

    I agree with the others BW will be able to help you out I am sure..

    Keep us informed yeah?

  6. Hi Pip, I hope that Roger is feeling better soon and that after his procedure his toe heals quickly. Hope that BW are sympathetic to your plight.

  7. Thanks everyone for your messages of support - if you've read the latest blog you'll know the situation by now. I think I need to get out of Paddington Basin as there's no water or facilities here, so am going to see the BW boat tomorrow to see if they can help. Will keep you all up to date. Pip


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