Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Teddington to Kensal Green

We got up at 5.15 on Thursday morning and made ready for our trip down the tidal Thames, and had passed through Teddington Lock by 6.15.  It was a lovely morning when we set off but it clouded over by about 6.30.  It is a lovely time of day to be boating, and we made the trip to Brentford in about an hour, along with the outgoing tide.


5.30am – our last mooring on the Thames above Teddington Lock


Richmond Bridge

 SDC11089Part of Richmond waterfront


Our last view up the Thames as we turned into Brentford Lock cutting

We continued on as far as Hanwell locks and stopped for the night just short of the top lock.  On Friday we continued on our way to Paddington Basin, but it was full so we retraced our steps and moored for the weekend at Kensal Green opposite the Cemetery.

On Saturday we went to have a look around.  There was a ‘Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery’ Open day on, and there were lots and lots of goths and punks all dressed up in Victorian gear and parading around – apparently they always attend!


Part of the cemetery, all falling down




We thought we’d stumbled onto a film set at first.  There was even an exhibition of hearses!

SDC11103-2  We found Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s family tombstone, disappointingly simple  amongst all the elaborate mausoleums


It was one of the most bizarre things we have ever experienced, and we will never forget it


  1. The cemetery looks fascinating.

    If you're coming east then there's handy mooring on the towpath opposite Battlebridge Basin. London seems pretty full at the moment.

    Give us a shout if you're coming as far as Limehouse.

    Sue, Indigo Dream

  2. the museum at Battlebridge basin is well worth a visit if you are going that way.


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