Tuesday, 13 July 2010


The BW boat was closed on Saturday, but I had already decided to phone Willowtree Marina at Yeading to see if they could fit me in.  And they have!!  for a very reasonable £7.50 ish a day.

On Sunday, son Russ came to spend the night and help me move the boat to Willowtree on Monday.  So on Monday morning we said a tearful goodbye to Karen and Ian on Serenity – I will miss them loads, but they need to continue their journey.


A sad parting of the ways

Shortly afterwards, Russ made a superb job of reversing out of our mooring and we were on our way too


St Mary’s hospital in the background – unfortunately Rog’s ward is on the other side, so he didn’t see us leave.


Goodbye Little Venice


Cormorant either drying his wings, or cooling off, couldn’t tell which

We made good time to Willowtree, and were here about 1pm.  I am now settled with water and electrickery, and an Elsan disposal on hand, also a Tesco nearby.  A bit of a trek back to the hospital to see Rog, but only a 10 minute walk to the bus stop, one bus, one train, and a 10 minute walk the other end, so not too bad.

Rog was supposed to have an angiogram and maybe an angioplasty yesterday, but it didn’t happen due to an emergency, so it was rescheduled for today, and as far as I know it hasn’t happened today either!  I haven’t been in to see him today, but will go tomorrow.  So we still don’t know whether he will lose his big toe or not.  One doctor is saying “almost certainly”, another is taking of sending him home with antibiotics in a few days!!  Typical NHS!!

I have had lots of offers of help if I need it, and the staff here at Willowtree are lovely, so thanks everyone for your offers of support.  Be sure I will call on you if needed.

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