Friday, 9 July 2010

Update on Rog

After numerous tests and five days on strong antibiotics, they decided to move Rog from the general medical ward to the Vascular ward today, and I must say he’s not a happy bunny!  It was nice and cool and quiet on the first floor, now he’s in a six-bed bay with 4 women and one bloke!  It’s hot, cramped and noisy.  He had an MRI scan yesterday, and today he was taken for what he thought was to be another ultrasound scan, but it turned out that he was to have another angiogram/angioplasty.  He refused point-blank to have it as he hadn’t been told, and wasn’t prepared (delicate area shaved etc)  He was furious!  He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of a doctor since Wednesday morning, nor had the dressing on his toe been changed since Wednesday.

Anyway, he’s booked in for Monday.  One of the doctors came round while I was there this afternoon, trailed by the usual crowd of students.  We made it clear that we felt we weren’t being told enough, but it was difficult to ask too many questions.   However, the doc (senior registrar, we think) said that he was fairly sure that Rog would lose some or all of his big toe!  So not good news.  I asked when they would make that decision, and they said by the middle of next week.  So it looks like a long stay in hospital for him. 

I am going to see the lady in the BW boat tomorrow to see if they can help find me a mooring for the duration, one with water and possibly electric hook up, as I’m not much good at the manoeuvring bit of driving.  At least then I won’t have to worry about moving the boat to fill with water etc.

Derwent6 is now here in the basin, so we got together yesterday evening and had a good old catch-up.

Will take a few photos for the blog over the weekend.


  1. Really sorry to hear about Roger. Please give him our best wishes when you next visit him.

  2. Here's wishing Roger a speedy recovery, best wishes to you both x

  3. Thanks for your good wishes, I'' be sure to pass them on.
    Pip xx


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