Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Ashton Flight…

really doesn’t have a lot to recommend it – 18 urban locks in grotty surroundings, every paddle gear requiring unlocking with a ‘T’ shaped ‘handcuff’ key, and all the locks against us bar one or two with really leaky bottom gates.  We didn’t pass a soul coming down.  So that’s 18 locks, 4 lots of unlocking and unlocking of paddle gear – and walking around the lock each time as there is no plank on the top gates (elfin’ safety!’) – you do the maths ‘cos I’m too knackered!  Although, to give him his due, Rog did work a few of them and a swing bridge!  After doing the 9 unpleasant locks yesterday as well, I was glad to see the back of Manchester – I don’t think we will be coming back this way again!  However, we did have a good meal in a Chinese Buffet last night with the Cutweb crowd, so that is some consolation.  It was almost back at Castlefield though, so we had quite a walk – we returned via the towpath where there was one, and walked the length of Canal Street – we saw some strange sights along there, I can tell you!!

We managed to water and empty loos at the top of the flight, and continued on to the Peak Forest Canal.  We are now moored just between Hyde and Romiley, and will probably have a day off tomorrow before we tackle the 16 locks in the Marple Flight.

SDC10559City of Manchester Stadium – built for the Commonwealth Games, no used by Manchester City FC

SDC10558First goslings spotted

SDC10560Rog working one of the locks

SDC10561Hooray – the last lock done!

SDC10562Duckinfield Junction onto the Peak Forest Canal

9.7 miles and 18 locks


  1. Maybe I should keep quiet, but I found the Marple locks much harder work than the Ashton! The bottom paddles are incredibly stiff and very hard work. However, they do have the advantage of being stunningly beautiful, and the views across the valley as you get higher and higher are great.

  2. looks like hard work!!i can imagine you are missing ian and karen.they are finding some realy hard work ones.we will be joinging them on tuesday 17th may near colne.for ten days.


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