Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Waters Meeting and friends parting…

It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to Karen and Ian on Serenity this morning, before we set off – we knew that we probably wouldn’t be stopping before we reached our parting point at Waters Meeting, Serenity to go left towards the Leeds and Liverpool, and us to go right into Manchester.  We will miss them.

We passed through Sale, and were pleasantly surprised, although we never mind cruising through built-up areas as they can be very interesting, and there is always something to look at.  Just as we were approaching Sale, we were attacked by a psycho swan, presumably guarding his mate on a nest somewhere nearby, although we failed to spot it – he wasn’t letting up until we were out of his territory.  He would accompany us for a few yards, then drop back and then fly at us from behind.  He did this again and again until we were clear and he no longer deemed us a threat.  Just after Sale, we waved goodbye to Karen and Ian and continued on our way into the centre of Manchester, to moor at Castlefields Quay.


SDC10519Psycho swan

SDC10523The Old

SDC10524And the new in Sale

SDC10525Long, straight stretch of canal through Sale

SDC10527Aqueduct over the baby river Mersey

SDC10529Friends parting at Waters Meeting

SDC10532Old Trafford (cough, spit!)

SDC10544Our mooring at Castlefields Quay

11 miles and 0 locks

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  1. Lovely blog - I'm just commenting to say that I had a run-in with Psycho Swan in my kayak on Monday, and again yesterday evening - you weren't the only ones! (although I'm thinking now that I would have preferred being on a narrowboat and standing, instead of at swan-height).




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