Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back on the Middlewich Branch…

We continued up the T & M this morning, in persistent drizzle (again!) through 5 locks and stopped at the boatyard after Kings Lock to top up with diesel.  I have to say that it wasn’t my favourite bit of the T & M, very shabby and industrial as you get towards Middlewich. We turned onto the Middlewich Branch, very pleased to have completed the Cheshire Ring.  Another lock, and we are moored in exactly the same spot as on our way down, on April 25th.  On that day the sun was blazing down, and the temperature was 100 degrees in the full sun,  (we got the thermometer out to check).  Rog and Ian were in shorts, and us girls were wearing vest tops.  Today the rain has just stopped, but not for long by the look of the sky, and we are in trousers and jumpers!  Such are the vagaries of the British weather!


SDC10445Same spot on 25th April, the grass has overgrown a bit since then, with all this rain!

6 miles and 7 locks

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  1. Get the shorts back out supposed to be getting hot at the weekend.


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