Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wood Lanes to Bosley…

Another dull and cloudy morning, with the promise of more rain showers.  When we left our mooring it was still dry, but before long we got wet.  Again and again and again and again!!!  Bollington looked nice, but no time to stop as we need to push on now so that we reach the Middlewich branch in time to take up our booked mooring for a fortnight while we go back to Northampton to move out of the cottage that we rented for the winter.  All our goods and chattels  are going back into storage and we will decide what to do in the autumn.

Today was a day of mills.  I know we aren’t as far north as we have been on this trip, but all the mill towns make it feel well and truly ‘up north’.  The Macc is very pretty, just a pity we are seeing most of it through a haze of rain!

We continued on through Macclesfield, again in the rain, and are now moored about 15 minutes short of Bosley Locks, ready to tackle them in the morning.  Jodrell Bank is just visible in the distance, one of the huge satellite dishes just poking up beyond the trees.

SDC10622Approaching Bollington

SDC10623The impressive Clarence Mill, Bollington, now turned into offices and shops for small businesses

SDC10625Adelphi Mill, Bollington

SDC10627Elegant turnover bridge, typical of the Macc

SDC10628Hovis Mill, Macclesfield, now apartments

SDC10630Stone walled cutting on leaving Macclesfield, the other side is the same but hidden by trees and vegetation.

SDC10631Looking back – stunning view, but again, the camera and the weather don’t do it justice

SDC10632Electric swing bridge at Oakgrove

SDC10633And the pub across the road!

SDC10634Hansel and Gretel’s cottage, hidden in the woods

10.5 miles and 0 locks

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