Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Marple to Bugsworth Basin…

Yesterday morning we waved goodbye to Russ and Nat, winded, and turned onto the Upper Peak Forest Canal.  This part of the canal is absolutely beautiful, with stunning views and shady wooded cuttings.  We continued on the old arm to Whaley Bridge, and were disappointed that it didn’t live up to our expectations, or our memories of it when we visited by car some years ago. We turned and went back the way we had come, stopping of for a brief visit to the canal-side Tesco to replenish supplies, and turned back onto the main line towards Bugsworth Basins, where we intended to moor for the night. 

SDC10583Shady cutting

SDC10584Lovely views

SDC10587The Swizzell’s facory – famous for ‘Love Hearts’ – the sweet sugary/fruity smell coming from it was very strong!

SDC10591Kinder Scout – at 2,088ft above sea level, the higher point in Derbyshire

SDC10589Newtown and viaduct

SDC10593Whaley Bridge Basin – bit a of disappointment

We hadn’t been here long when we decided to stay an extra day to explore this amazing place.  The setting is magnificent, with hills all around, and I think it’s one of the nicest mooring spots we’ve ever been in.  The basins are very extensive, and have been sympathetically restored, with none of the ‘modern’ gadgets like the ones at Fradley Junction that I so despise.  There are plaques in various places and brass plaques on the ground explaining the history, and a model to show the visitor what it looked like in it’s heyday.  We are much impressed!  There is space for lots of boats, and lovely little out-of-the-way mooring spots, loads of grass and landscaping, all beautifully cared for, but in an understated sort of way.  Tunnels and arches abound, and nooks and crannies to poke about in.  Altogether a most delightful place – we would certainly love to come back here again.




SDC10597Lower Basin where we are moored

SDC10607Middle Basin

SDC10606Middle Basin Arm with the ruins of the old Lime Shed

SDC10608Replica Wharf Crane

SDC10611Upper Basin and Arm

SDC10616Middle Basin with bridges leading to the Middle Basin Arm and the Upper Basin

SDC10609The Wide


SDC10613The village – Buxworth (the name was changed from Bugsworth

SDC10599Our mooring spot

7.4 miles and 0 locks

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  1. great pictures,have visited this area many times by car and caravan.


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