Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Manchester photos…


SDC10536Manchester Ship Canal


SDC10538Pomona Lock –onto the Ship Canal

SDC10539The footbridge at the start of Castlefields quay – often shown in Corrie

SDC10540The bit where Tony tried to drown Roy in Corrie

SDC10543Turning point at the end of the Quay

SDC10545Didn’t expect to find this in Manchester – a beach bar,complete with sand!

SDC10541Looking back up the Quay


  1. Hi Pip and Roger

    Enjoy yourself in Manchester, we stayed some time in Castlefield in the same spot that you are moored. Do visit the town hall and go inside its amazing! Its a lovely place to stay and we found it very safe indeed. Really enjoying your pictures we hope to be in Manchester at the end of August. Keep up the great blog, you do such a great job! Best Wishes Doug

  2. Hi you two.

    Manchester is fantastic. We did the cheshire ring in 2009. are you off up the Rochdale nine? The trip up to Marple, Bugsworth and then back and down the Macclesfield is well worth it.

    John and Ali.
    (n.b Triskaideka)


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