Monday, 7 July 2014

Adderley to Goldstone Wharf…..

Wednesday 2nd July

We had some visitors on Tuesday evening, and they brought lots of flies with them – we counted a dozen in the bedroom when we went to bed!


We started the ascent up Adderley locks in bright sunshine this morning.  Another hot day was on the cards, but with only the five locks it wasn’t too bad, even though we had to empty most of them before we could use them as we were following another boat.


‘Look, Mum, I’m being a good boy and staying where you put me – do I get a biscuit for that?

Then on to Market Drayton where we filled with water and emptied the necessary.  Then it was on to the five locks at Tyrley (pronounced Turley).  We were pleasantly surprised that only the second lock had a fierce by-wash.


Approaching Tyrley bottom lock –  having had it turned against us by some impatient sod!




Tyrley top lock and wharf


Job done, and only one more lock on the Shroppie, at Wheaton Aston (not including the stop lock at Autherley)

We were then into Woodseves Cutting, one of the deep cuttings typical on Telford’s Shroppie.  Some 100 feet deep in places, it never dries out and is home to all manner of flora.  It’s also now extremely overgrown – it won’t be too long before it is impassable unless there is some serious cutting back done.  We met 4 boats going the other way, but managed to pass without too much scraping!



High bridge

We are now moored at Goldstone Wharf, opposite the Wharf Tavern (yes another pub called the Wharf!)  We felt it was rude not to go and sample the beer, although we were too late for food as they stopped taking food orders at 2 o’clock.



7.1 miles and 10 locks

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