Monday, 21 July 2014

All Oaks to North of Braunston…..

A slow trip through Rugby this morning and on to Hillmorton Locks.  It was fairly busy there today, with two lockies on duty, one at the bottom set of locks and one at the top.  Traffic flow was hampered by one of the middle locks being out of action, with a C&RT workboat in it, re-pointing masonry around the lock ladder.  But, nevertheless we we through reasonably quickly.


Just exited the bottom lock – one in the other lock coming up and one waiting below


Top lock

We continued on for about an hour and a half and are now moored between Bridges 80 and 81, about an hour north of Braunston, where there are long stretches of good mooring.  Working boat Monarch came by earlier, and has just come back and picked up a small boat, just behind our mooring, towing him to Braunston. 


We are hoping to meet up with Lesley and Joe on nb Yarwood tomorrow in Braunston, where Yarwood is undergoing some alterations.


Tonight’s mooring

11.1 miles and 3 locks


  1. We are at Cosgrove and headed North toward the Leicester arm. It appears we may finally meet the two of you in person at last!
    Jaq and LesX

  2. Hi both - it would be lovely to meet you Jaq, although we have met Les before. It probably depends on how fast you are travelling. We are moored at Norton Junc tonight (Tues) and will be mooring round about Weedon tmrw night, then back into Gayton Marina by Thurs lunchtime. Hopefully we will see you before then.
    Pip xxx


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