Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You may have won the World Cup, chum, but you can’t get a pump-out here…..

An hour or so after setting out this morning, we were at Peel’s Wharf, just short of Fazeley Junction, and needing to fill with water and get rid of rubbish and empty the loo cassettes.  There was an Anglo Welsh on the service point, no sign of a water hose or anyone about.  In fact they were inside the boat having breakfast.  We gave them a couple of hoots of the horn, and Herr Urlauber (holiday-maker) appeared, and informed us that they were waiting for the office to open so they could get a pump out!  We pulled alongside and asked if we could go across their boat to do the necessary, and disabused them of the idea of a pump-out.   He pointed to the sign which said ‘Strictly no self-pump out here’.  I explained that some boaters carried the equipment to pump themselves out, and it meant they couldn’t use the Elsan disposal point to do it.  He had assumed, in typical German pedantic fashion, that because he couldn’t do-it-himself, they would do it for him!  I don’t think he believed me because he still waited for the office to open and went in and asked.  They told him where to go (in more ways than one!).   He was slightly dis-chuffed because it meant they had to turn around and re-trace their steps to a nearby boatyard.  I sent him back into the office to try to purchase a pump-out card just in case they found that the boatyard had a D-I-Y machine.  Bless!!!

At Fazeley Junction we found some unusually tasteful graffiti – makes the change to the misspelt quips you usually see.


We continued on the Coventry past the junction, up the two Glascote Locks and through Amington, and are now moored at Alvecote, opposite the ruined Priory, which is just visible through the trees on the off-side.



After more than 6 weeks on the boat, Ozzy is looking decidedly fluffy – he will definitely need a visit to the groomer as soon as we get back!


6.7 miles and 2 locks

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