Friday, 18 July 2014

Too bloody hot…..

Yesterday afternoon was spent dozing in the sweltering heat.  At one point we had some scrotes on motorbikes come tearing along the towpath.  A bit later we heard them coming back so Rog got his camera ready.  As they came around the bend, Rog lifted his camera and snapped a photo or two.  When they spotted the camera, the lead motorcyclist yelled to his mate to turn around quick, and, as they rode off, seemed to be shouting something about Rog being a ‘Barclay’s banker’ – at least that’s what Rog thinks he heard!!!  Ozzy also decided to see them off, but I doubt being chased along the towpath by a black and white woolly teddy-bear would have alarmed them much.



We did wonder whether we’d find our ropes cut and us drifting all over the canal this morning, and in fact Rog thought he heard someone outside the boat not long after we turned off the lights last night, but, when he looked out of the front there was nobody about – I think he might have dreamt it!  Not enough in the photos to identify the culprits, so no point in contacting the local police, but at least it got rid of them.

This morning when we set off it was already hot with 70% humidity.  As we were coming through Nuneaton we had an unexpected heavy shower of rain – heavy enough for Rog to put on his waterproof, but it didn’t last more than about 15 minutes.  The thermometer we took out onto the back deck this morning registered 34 deg C as we arrived at Hawkesbury Junction and we could hear the Greyhound pub and a nice cold cider calling, so we decided to call it a day – it was just too bloody hot to be standing on the back of the boat.  Lunch and the aforesaid cider was consumed at the pub, which means I don’t have to cook again tonight. The weather forecast for tomorrow is thunderstorms for most of the day, so I think we’ll be staying put.

7 miles and 0 locks

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