Thursday, 17 July 2014

What a scorcher again…..

The forecast was correct yesterday, we had some fairly heavy rain yesterday evening, but it had stopped by about 9 o’clock – and we were rewarded with a lovely rainbow.


There was a lot of mist around this morning when we got up at just after 7am and by 7.45 we were on our way, determined to get the 11 Atherstone locks under our belt before it got just too hot.  And so we did – we had a reasonably quick ascent, and in just 2 1/4 hours we were at the top.  We used the service point to fill with water and and get rid of rubbish, and Rog popped to the shop for milk and a few other items.  It was very hot by this time and we were glad to get moving and create a bit of breeze.  The original idea was to push on to Hawkesbury Junction today, but by lunch time we’d had enough of the heat and have moored up just past Springwood Haven marina.


5.7 miles and 11 locks

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