Monday, 14 July 2014

Looks like we got us a convoy!…..

Just after I’d published yesterday’s blog, we had yet another meeting – Ann and Kev, ex of nb 4EverMore, and having bought Carol and George’s nb Roll ‘n Roll, appeared.  We moved back a couple of feet so they could squeeze in in front of us.  We met them briefly in 2008 when they were showing 4EverMore at Crick, and have read each other’s blogs ever since.  We shared tea and biscuits and later, beer, and had a good old chinwag.  It was great to get to know them better.  It was an altogether most enjoyable day!



This morning we said our goodbyes and headed of down the two locks and onto the Coventry canal.


In Shade House Lock, and it was already promising to be another scorcher of a day

We made a brief stop at Streethay Wharf to fill with diesel and to exchange and empty gas bottle, and they very kindly allowed us to fill the water tank as well.  Shortly afterwards we encountered a convoy!  3 boats in front of us travelling at tickover – it took us forever to reach Hopwas. 


4th in line – 3 ahead, the first having just disappeared around the bend – you can just see their heads if you look carefully.  Now, we don’t travel at a great speed, and if a boat that is obviously travelling faster catches us up, we always move over and let them pass.  You’d have thought that the fact that there were 4 boats following closely might have given the lead boat a clue that they were going too slowly, but no, they were oblivious!  We had half thought we might carry on to Alvecote today, but by this time we were fed up with the convoy and, as the moorings at Hopwas were empty we decided to stop for the day.  The boat 2 ahead of us also stopped, but only for lunch, as did the boat behind us.  We repaired to the Tame Otter for lunch and a welcome couple of pints for cider for Rog and Coke for me.  That’s another night I don’t have to cook – marvellous!

8.4 miles and 2 locks

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