Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Junk yard or wharf? – you decide…

We decided not to stay at Hawkesbury Junction as our mooring wasn’t the most salubrious – the boat on the permanent mooring right opposite ran his engine all afternoon and most of the evening, and we had a couple of small motorbikes bearing helmet-less teenagers haring up and then back along the towpath.  Thankfully it had all quietened down by bedtime so we got a decent nights’ sleep.

We had the slowest journey possible to Marston Junction this morning, following a Black Prince hire boat who didn’t seem to know where the throttle was and didn’t understand that it is not necessary to stop every time a boat comes towards you – he caused major problems for the boat behind him who kept having to go into reverse to avoid rear-ending him, which in it’s turn caused problems for us!  Thankfully, he continued on the Coventry and we turned onto the Ashby canal, not before having a good old laugh at Charity Dock – it’s unbelievable!



 SDC10173 SDC10174


There was stuff everywhere – old cars, half boats, even mannequins dressed to the nines all over the place.  Someone must have a sense of humour!

We found a nice quiet mooring spot right out in the country, and went blackberry picking so I’m going to make blackberry and apple crumble for pud tonight.  Rog is fishing, and when I’ve finished this I am going to have a good go at getting the back of the cardigan that I’m knitting for Flo finished.  I need to get on with it so she can have it as part of her birthday present on 19th September, then I will have to knit one for Milly so she doesn’t feel left out, and then I shall need to start on some tiny ones as we are expecting another grandchild in February.  A Nana’s work is never done!!!!


  1. You're not having a good time with Black Prince boats, are you?

    Funny thing about Hawkesbury Junction: I always think it should be nice, but it's not. You've got the junction, the lock, and the old buildings, yet there's also the electricity pylons, the scrub land between the two canals, and the motorway noise.

    Enjoy the Ashby. I did, despite there being no locks!

  2. Hi Adam - no we don't seem to be having a lot of luck with Black Prince boats, do we. We saw another one making a right old hash of winding yesterday, got himself well and truly wedged across the canal! I wanted to stay and watch and have a laugh, but Rog dragged me away!
    We are enjoying the Ashby ans taking it slowly, grabbing mooring spots where we can. As you know there aren't all that many, but more than we had expected.
    Hope to see you up on the Shroppie, shebdon embankment permitting.

    Pip & Rog


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