Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A long day but little achieved….

On Monday we started heading back north again for our doctors appointments in Northampton next Monday – we are beginning to feel ‘groundhog day’ yet again!  We planned to go only as far as Cosgrove, a mere 8 miles or so, but it took us ages!  We didn’t start off all that early – 10-ish I suppose – we then got held up for about an hour waiting to fill with with water at Gifford Park, just at the northern end of MK.  We then got a little further up the canal and were flagged down by nb Francesca Leah, who had broken down and asked us if we would give them a tow to the next bridge as they were waiting for RCR to bring out a part for the engine.  We gladly obliged, although we’d never towed before. They were very grateful, and gave us a roses-painted jug to say thanks (the lady on board paints them)  We never got their names, or any photos (duh – didn’t think of it until later – I was too busy watching the tow rope for Rog!)  But we hope that they are now on their way again.  We then stopped in Wolverton to do a shop at Tesco and that also seemed to take an age.  By the time we got back to the boat it was way past lunch time, so we had a quick snack and were back on out way again.  By the time I’d found homes for all the shopping we were mooring at Cosgrove.  About 6 hours to do 8 miles!  We have had a lay-up day today, and will probably do the same tomorrow as the weather forecast is not good.  Still, it gave me time to catch up on the blogs!

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