Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Rest day…

When we awoke this morning the weather was not as bad as had been forecast, but we decided to stay here anyway as Rog has ordered some fishing bait from the shop at the Lakeside Caravan Park and it should be n this afternoon. I went for a walk with Cassie and found a path down the side of the Cosgrove aqueduct onto the Ouse Valley Way so I followed it for a little way and took some photos of the aqueduct.

SDC10121 Boat in mid-air!


SDC10119From the top

SDC10122 Horse path under the aqueduct? No – the tunnel under the embankment is a ‘cattle-crush’ to enable cattle to graze in fields both sides of the trough.

Rog has his tackle out again (!) and was just be-moaning the fact that the fishing was crap when he hooked this big tench – no so crap after all then! Cassie was very interested! It also attracted a small crowd of youngsters to watch him land it.

SDC10124We will move on again tomorrow, this time to Stoke Bruerne where we will spend tomorrow night, and maybe stay for Friday night as well, as we are being collected from Bugbrook for our doctors appointments on Monday and don’t want to be there too early as the moorings are only 48hr ones.


  1. Hi u2, Sorry we did not stop for chat as we headed for Milton Keynes.
    Chas n Ann

  2. Hello both, lovely to see you again, albeit briefly - and to see by your blog today that your Mum is on the mend. Enjoy the rest of your summer cruising - we will be heading northwards from now on.
    Pip & Rog


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