Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Family party

On Friday, all the family got together to celebrate  my Aunty Gill and Uncle Don’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.  The actual day itself is not until 22nd August, but this was the only time we could all make it.  We had a lovely day, and the weather was kind to us for a change, so we were all able to sit in the garden.  It was lovely to see my cousins, Andy and Ian, and their wives, Cal, and Gill (yes, Ian married someone with the same name as his Mum!), and their families.  Also there were Don’s sister Pat and her husband Mike, who I haven’t seen for eons. Of course, my Mum was there, and also June, who is mum and Aunty Gill’s ‘honourary’ sister.  Emma brought the girls, and Russ brought his new fiancée, Nat, to introduce her to the rest of the family. 

SDC10089Men at work!!!

SDC10090 Rog with granddaughters Flo and Milly, and Ian’s boys, Aaron and Joel

SDC10091 Half the ‘gang’

SDC10093The other half of the ‘gang’ (Emma got into both photos!)

SDC10092 Russ and Nat with Flo and Milly

SDC10096 Please can you fix it, Uncle Ian?

SDC10103 The happy couple cutting the cake

A great time was had by all.  Thanks go to Aunty Gill for the wonderful lunch-time spread, aided and abetted by my Mum and June, with ‘scouse’ eggs thrown in by Cal (like scotch eggs, but bigger and meatier) and, I’m sure, contributions by others.

We left about 6 o’clock to return to Milton Keynes and the boat, with Russ and Nat in tow.

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