Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Slapton Lock to Milton Keynes

Yesterday’s journey from Slapton lock to Old Linslade was uneventful, with two minor exceptions – we found the geocache at Slapton that we couldn’t find on our way south, and we stopped at Aldi in Leighton Buzzard to replenish chocolate supplies. We moored just a few minutes walk away from the Globe pub, where we have booked a table for Saturday night, as we will have son Russ and his fiancé Nat on board for a couple of days, and we have decided to take them back south-wards as it is less boring.

After mooring we wandered to the pub to make the booking, and sample their cider, and who should we come across but the Fudge Boat!SDC10083

Well, we couldn’t resist, but as we had just bought a fridge-full of chocolate, we limited ourselves to one bag of vanilla fudge

SDC10084 We ate it all watching telly last night – delicious!!

We were also moored beside a field with multiple herons sitting in the middle – what do you call lots of herons? A flock? No – a group of herons is called a scattering, a sedge or a siege – bet you didn’t know that! I did take a photo, but couldn’t zoom in enough for them to show up on the blog photo.

This morning we left for MK Marina and met fellow bloggers Carol and George on nb Rock ‘n Roll again, at Fenny Stratford Lock.

SDC10086 SDC10087

We had a chat, and got a couple of photos this time.

We are now in Milton Keynes Marina – we had been told that they had gone out of business, but this isn’t the case at all. The workshop and services are run by someone else, and they are in transition between tenants. There is no-one here full time at the moment, so if anyone needs fuel or a pump-out it would be best to telephone first to make sure that there is someone to do it.

We have hired a car from Enterprise which we get tomorrow, and will go to Northampton tomorrow afternoon for our family party on Friday. Russ and Nat will return with us for a short cruise, so blogging will be suspended until early next week.


  1. Enjoy your party. Re wet weather gear - we bought berghaus coats over trousers etc. and lived in them last winter and they are well worth the silly price tag, so take comfort.

  2. Hi Pip, Roger - nice to see you again yesterday - have caught up with your blog since we saw you last, but unfortunatley not yet managed to catch up with mine! hopefully will do it today. How do you add neocounters etc to you blog?
    Carol (no e!)
    NB Rock n Roll


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