Friday, 17 July 2009

Great Linford to Old Linslade…

On Wednesday we left Great Linford and cruised the delights of Milton Keynes.  Interesting in a way, but boring in it’s sameness!  Interesting to see what a large town can do to make it’s canal a ‘linear park’, but it was all the same – miles of trees and footpaths, with the occasional glimpse of the ever-present roundabouts!  Pennyland basin was the only really innovative bit, where the water was in and around the houses creating watery driveways for boat owners to ‘park’ their boats outside their own homes.SDC10022                                                                                  Heron in Milton Keynes                          

We moored for the rest of the day just before Fenny Stratford Lock, and went for a look at the village and to find the chippy.  We duly partook of fish and chips for our dinner, but were disappointed in the quality of the fish, very cotton-woolly and bland, but the batter was lovely and crisp and the chips were good too.  Oh well, you can’t have it all, I suppose!!

On Thursday morning we did a short hop through Stoke Hammond lock and the Soulbury three.  There were a lot of gongoozlers outside the Three Locks pub, so, cowardice being the better part of valour in this case, I declined Rog’s offer to work the locks while I drove, and set to in earnest with my trusty windlass.  Not alone, I hasten to add, we had company in the form of another boat which didn’t have it’s name displayed, but had dragons painted on it’s bow.SDC10020


We moored about a mile further on, just near Old Linslade.  It is around here that the Great Train Robbery happened, but we’re not sure exactly where.  Nicholson's says it happened near the Globe pub which is just round the bend from where we are moored, and Pearson’s has it on a lonely stretch of track north of Cheddington, which is the other side of Leighton Buzzard.  Rog is 'Google-ing it as I write to find out which is correct.

SDC10024                                                                               The railway track 

SDC10023Open countryside from our mooring

We decided to stay here today as the weather forecast last night wasn’t good, and it has proved to be a wise decision – we’ve had torrential rain and thunderstorms since about 10 o’clock this morning.  I took the opportunity to take Cassie for a walk when it seemed to clear up about 3.30, but was caught out in another heavy shower within 10 minutes of setting out.  Didn’t last long though, but it is raining so hard again now that it’s bouncing up and under the mushroom vents, and dripping into the boat!



Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow – we want to go into Leighton Buzzard to Aldi to stock up on chocolate (Aldi chocolate is THE BEST!)

PS – Google wasn’t much help with the actual location of the GTR – several sites Rog looked at couldn’t agree either!

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