Friday, 10 July 2009


Thursday 9th July

We had a lovely meal in The Wharf at Bugbrooke on Wednesday evening, not cheap, but not too expensive as restaurants go – Rog had mussels with big chunky chips, and I had belly of pork with toffee apple stuffing – all very yummy!

Thursday morning saw us up bright and early to prepare for our ‘royal’ visitors, my Mum and her friend June. (Mum hates having her photo taken so I didn’t attempt to get the camera out and point it at them, so no photos I’m afraid). We have reason to be very grateful to June, who is a great friend to Mum, visiting several times a week, and running her here there and anywhere she needs to go in her car. June has ‘routes’! She only drives to places she knows these days, and Bugbrooke is ‘on her route’. She had always shown a great deal of interest in the planning and development of Windsong, so we asked if she’d like to come along to the launch, which she duly did and hasn’t stopped talking about since. We had promised her a day out when we reached Bugbrooke and the day had arrived. After we had shown her all over the boat we set off to Gayton Junction as we knew we could turn around there. On the way, we came across fellow bloggers Chas and Ann on Moore 2 Life. We were aware that they were just ahead of us, as we had a message on Wed that they had just missed us in Bugbrooke and were moored about 20 minutes south by bridge 42.

DSC00136 Ann and Chas


Us all

Of course, we stopped to have a natter for half an hour. They came and had a look around Windsong, and we had a look at the modifications that they had made in the saloon and galley since we had last seen them when they were stranded on the Nene just 10 minutes from where we lived. It was great to catch up with you both. Hope that your enforced fortnight’s land-lubbing isn’t too stressful. Maybe we’ll see you on our way back north later on in the summer or early autumn.

After we’d watered and done the cassette at Gayton Junction we turned around and headed back towards Bugbrooke, stopping for some lunch on the way. We managed to moor outside the Wharf pub again to drop our day-trippers off, and June insisted that she buy us a drink to say thanks. Of course, we accepted – well, it would have been rude not too!! We waved them off about quarter to five, and then moved the boat a couple of hundred yards back towards Gayton. We then had to have a little sleep – well, I say ‘we’, but I think Rog was catching up with emails etc while I had a little sleep! Omelette and salad for us for dinner as we were still full up from lunch and cider, and Day 4 of ‘Torchwood – Children of Earth’ on the telly.

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  1. "Rog had mussels with big chunky chips, and I had belly of pork with toffee apple stuffing" -If I ever get back over there, I want to go out to eat you guys. Just don't know which I'd get.


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