Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Morning visitors…

Monday 13th July

A quick trip down Stoke Bruerne locks and a 2 hour trip across the lonely landscape of the six mile pound between Stoke  Bruerne and Cosgrove, where we moored for the rest of the day.


Tuesday 14th July

This morning, while we were watering prior to leaving Cosgrove we had some visitors, a herd of beautiful cows (maybe Jerseys)and their calves came to drink opposite our mooring.


DSC00137 We stopped in Wolverton to do a shop in the 24 hour Tesco superstore, and we managed to find me a new camera.  It’s an early birthday present from Rog.  We moved on a little way and moored just before Milton Keynes really begins, almost at Great Linford.  While Rog did a bit of fishing, Cassie and I went exploring, and I took my new camera to play with. These are some of the photos that I took, and I’m very pleased with them.

SDC10010SDC10009Just around the corner, I found a memorial with a nice poem 

SDC10012SDC10014SDC10013   We found a footpath leading across a field towards a ruined building which turned out be be an old chapel, I think.SDC10011A lake, glimpsed through the trees


Protective iron-work on the edge of a bridge with deep grooves cut by the old towing ropes

SDC10016A stile leading nowhere – why??



Tomorrow we will cruise through Milton Keynes without stopping – we had planned to go shopping for my camera but there is no need now, and we don’t like crowds and noisy towns anymore.  We plan to moor at Fenny Stratford as Rog is feeling the need for Fish and Chips or a take-away Chinese.

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