Friday, 10 July 2009

A weekend at Stoke Bruerne

We decided that we would like to spend the weekend moored at Stoke Bruerne as it is one of our favourite spots, but weren’t at all confident about getting a space, so thought we’d see what the situation was when we arrived.  We waved as we passed Ann and Chas on Moore 2 Life yet again this morning – they have a space booked for a fortnight in Gayton Marina starting on Monday while they visit relatives, so will be hanging around there for the weekend.  Give them a toot and a wave if you pass.

We watered at Gayton Junction again, and headed on to Blisworth tunnel.  We like tunnels.  There was a boat coming towards us soon after we entered, and we could hear lots of shouting -  so we approached with caution just in case they were in trouble.  It turned out that husband was standing in the bow, yelling instructions and directions to his wife who was steering.  They stopped and waited for us to pass, which made life a bit difficult as, of course, they lost steerage way.  Anyway, we managed to squeeze past with not too much scraping – he then proceeded to start all over again as there was a boat following us!  It was most disconcerting – I wish people wouldn’t do that!

Anyway, when we arrived at Stoke Bruerne we found an ideal mooring spot, just where the trees open out, but before the wharf.  After mooring up we wandered up to the Navigation to check their menu – oh and were tempted in for lunch and yet another cider!  Booked for dinner tomorrow night – 2 meals for a tenner, and also for Sunday lunch at £6.95 each – you can’t beat that for price, and I hate cooking on a Sunday!

DSC00137Our weekend mooring


View from the stern, although we have been joined by another boat by the time I write this

Beside our mooring is a footpath signposted ‘Woodland Walk’ so we will have lots of nice walks for Cassie over the weekend, and we will do the tourist bit and visit the museum as it’s years since we last went.  However, tonight it’s bangers, potato wedges and baked beans for dinner, and the last episode of Torchwood on the telly – can’t wait!!

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