Monday, 27 July 2009

Carry on Back up the Jungle….

Sat 25th July

We headed back up the Aylesbury Arm to Marsworth.  It was a scorching hot day with little breeze, and it was bloody hard work!  For narrow locks, some of the gates are very heavy, and the paddle gear stiff.  This time we met two boats coming towards us in the ‘jungle’!  luckily we were at a slightly wider bit for the first, so we stopped and let him through.SDC10054

The second one we met was just before the reed beds finished and he was able to pull over and let us through – so all in all not too many problems were caused, and nobody ran aground.



SDC10056 ‘Himself’ doing some work for a change!

SDC10057 In one of the locks

SDC10058 Marsworth Junction Top Locks

We continued up to the end at Marsworth and moored up in exactly the same spot as we had been on Monday and Tuesday – the boat that was moored behind us was still there – talk about ‘Groundhog Day’!


Rog did a bit of fishing and caught the little brother of the big carp that he lost last week.

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