Monday, 6 July 2009

Downtown Hill and a kamikaze moorhen at Crick….

Sunday 5th July

We decamped from Welford at about 11 o’clock on Sunday morning as it wasn’t ideal for Cassie, the towpath also being the road to the marina, with frequent vehicular comings and goings.  We only went a couple of hours towards Crick, and found a lovely peaceful spot by Bridge 36, looking out on Downtown Hill, and there we stayed.  Rog did some fishing and I decided to watch the Men’s final, but I fell asleep through most of itDSCF0001



DSCF0005 DSCF0008

These were the views of our ‘garden’ for the evening.


Cassie was very interested in something floating on the water

Monday 6th July

We set off this morning around 10, intending to at least get to Crick to moor, or maybe even to go through the tunnel and down Watford Locks today, but the weather played it’s part today, and it was slow going.  We arrived at crick at about 2 o’clock and the moorings were almost empty, so decided to stay.  Just in time, as the heavens opened yet again, and we had a thunderstorm with torrential rain.  We also made the acquaintance of the kamikaze moorhen of Crick!  Every time we walked past the side hatch, she flew at us, demanding food.  She had 4 babies with her, small, black balls of fluff, and surprisingly ugly for babies!



The poor Mallard was flinching every time she made a leap at us

Having done some extremely expensive shopping at the Co-Op in Crick village, we settled down for the rest of the afternoon.  A good decision I think, because it has rained several times in the last hour.  We will tackle Watford Locks tomorrow, and maybe Buckby Locks as well if we are feeling energetic!

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  1. Saw your boat at Bugbrooke. You must have just arrived as we left. Feel free to stop for a chat by Bridge 42.
    Chas n Ann, Moore 2 Life


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