Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Crick to Bugbrooke…

Not a lot to blog about really,  just to keep everyone up to date as to where we are.

We had a nice quiet evening on Monday at Crick, after Hirohito, the kamikaze moorhen decide to leave us alone, and set off on Tuesday morning to do the tunnel and Watford Locks.  We were soaked to the skin by the time we got there, but the rain stopped and we got down mostly in the dry.  We planned to moor last night at Buckby, but, as usual most of the visitor moorings were full of BW work boats, taking up three quarters of a good long stretch of visitor moorings.  I know that they have to moor somewhere, but it does make my blood boil!!!  We managed to get in just above Buckby locks to have some lunch and dry off, but we were too close really to moor there overnight, so we joined another boat for the trip down the locks.  It was very quick, as they had 3 crew, and we waved goodbye to them at the bottom as we wanted a few bits in Whilton Chandlery.

We moved on a bit so that we could get a decent telly picture as we didn’t want to miss Torchwood, which we had enjoyed on Monday evening.  We found a spot where the M1 and the railway noise weren’t too bad.

This morning we had a nice easy trip to Bugbrooke, where we are picking up Mum and her friend tomorrow.  Of course, as soon as we arrived we just had to go and re-acquaint ourselves with the Wharf pub, where we had lunch, and booked in for an evening meal tonight (well, I’ve cleaned up for the ‘royal’ visit, and don’t want to mess it up by cooking!!)

Hopefully, we will get some photos tomorrow – we keep forgetting to get the cameras out!!

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