Saturday, 4 July 2009

Oh look – another pub and another cider!…..

Friday 3rd July (thank you Lesley!)

We spent Thursday night moored up beside bridge 43, just bout 15 minutes cruise from Welford Junction.  Once again, no photos – this time because we decided to take some in the morning, and, lo and behold, in the morning it was raining stair-rods!  So we had a nice quiet morning catching up on a few jobs – I tackled the enormous bulging file that contained all the bits and pieces of paper that came with the boat and got it into some sort of order, and Rog? Well, Rog did whatever men do to check battery power and mechanical stuff.  He spent most of the morning with his head either in the electrics cupboard, or down the engine-hole.

The rain cleared about 2ish so we decided to tootle on down the Welford Arm as we had yet another full cassette and needed to water up.  We decided to stay the weekend as, oh dear, there’s another pub!  The Wharf Inn - we  just had to go and try  their Strongbow! And very refreshing it was – after hardly drinking at all over the past two years, I think I’m becoming a cider-holic!

DSC00141  The pretty Welford Arm

DSC00143Welford Lock

We did the services and then pulled back a little way to the visitor moorings opposite Welford Wharf.  I wanted to watch Corrie so Rog fiddled with the telly aerial but couldn’t get a picture.  Then he thought that we might just be able to pick up the satellite, and HOORAY!!!  - full Sky coverage.  It’s the first time we’ve been able to pick it up, so it’s a relief to know that it all works.  So I decided to forgo the offer of dinner in the pub (?), and cook, and watch Corrie! How sad am I?

But there was a bonus – just before dinner time our ‘stalkers’ turned up – Elaine, Rod and Pip on nb Water Impulse!  We were invited for a glass of wine later, and very convivial it was too.  We discovered another coincidence – Elaine ( a year younger than me) and I had spent our teenage years living  just a few minutes walk away from each other in Horsham, Sussex.  However, being a bit of a dunce, I went to the local Secondary Modern School, while she went to the High School. 

Saturday 4th July

It was a much cooler night so we slept like the dead, and awoke to a beautifully cool but sunny morning.  After we had returned last night’s hospitality with a cup of coffee, the crew of Water Impulse said their farewells and left to make their way as slowly as possible back to their marina (work on Monday for them – shame!!!).  I took Cassie for a walk armed with the camera to take some photos while I had the chance, as showers were forecast for this afternoon.

DSC00146 Welford Marina – a tiny marina tucked away behind the trees, full of what can only be described as ‘characterful’ boats.

DSC00140This one is called ‘Minzapint!  ‘Minzashot’ would be more in keeping as it was tiny!

DSC00145 Shady permanent moorings

DSC00147 Welford Wharf with Windsong moored opposite

We have been having a lovely lazy day today, and dinner in the  pub tonight, what more could a girl ask? – I think we might be getting the hang of this ‘boating life’! 


  1. Hi Pip & Rog
    Go for the double fish & can't beat it! You just caught the back end of Thema in your photo (this is Del's Mum's boat) and we were up there last week blacking the bottom and painting the gunwals. Have fun tonight.

  2. Hi both - lovely to hear from you. We knew that you were up this neck of the woods a few days ago - sorry to have missed you. We are heading down the GU over the next few days towards Northampton where we have a date to take Mum and her friend on a little trip, then onwards down towards Marsworth and Rickmansworth - believe you are on the North Oxford now? Hopefully we will cross paths again soon.
    Double fish and chips soounds great!

    Pip & Rog

  3. Hi Pip n Rog,
    Hope to see you sometime while on the GU. We are near Bugbrooke. You have settled into canal life and are exploring at last.
    Chas n Ann, Moore 2 Life


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