Sunday, 9 August 2009

President and Kildare at Stoke Bruerne

On Saturday morning we made the short trip up the locks to Stoke Bruerne and managed to moor almost exactly where we did on our way southwards.  We arrived at about 12 and decided that, as it had been very hot work up the locks, it was definitely ‘cider o’clock ‘. So we tied up one boat and headed for another - ‘the Boat pub’!  After a drink or two to lay the dust and a sandwich we were ready for a busy afternoon doing nothing!

President and Kildare were moored up so I went back to take a photo or two, only to find them trying to turn above the locks, outside the museum.  It became swiftly obvious that they were about ten feet too long!



Not long after that they came by our mooring spot on their way to the winding hole, so I followed with my camera as it isn’t often you get to see them manoeuvring, especially breasted up.   The story in pictures follows:

SDC10135As they came by, President, as usual, towing Kildare

SDC10136Just before they breasted up to make the turn

SDC10137 Breasted up now and starting the turn

SDC10138 Bows into the bank

SDC10139Almost halfway, puffing hugely with a fresh load of coal

SDC10140 Halfway round

SDC10141  Working hard on the tiller

SDC10143Still working hard

SDC10144  Almost there

SDC10145 Phew – made it!

It was very impressive – the chap in the tiller on President certainly knew what he was doing.  They had a large audience and received a round of applause afterwards!

We went back to The Boat for a meal last night – good pub grub – Rog had steak and chips, and I had Chicken Bruerne and chips – chicken breast stuffed with caramelised red onions and bacon, topped with melted goats cheese – delicious!  I must have a go at making it sometime, it looked very simple.

After a leisurely breakfast of bacon and egg (it was going to be just toast, but then Rog smelt the bacon cooking on the boat behind us, and the decision was made!)  we set off towards Blisworth tunnel and beyond, Gayton Junction to fill up with water and empty the loo.

SDC10146Windsong entering Blisworth Tunnel 

After the domestic stuff was done, we continued towards Bugbrooke and found a nice mooring about 45 minutes away, so no rush in the morning – we’ll tootle up there to be picked up at midday by June for our doctors appointments.  Will stop the night with Mum, and June will bring us back to the boat on Tuesday lunchtime or early afternoon, so no more blogs until at least Wednesday, or possibly Thursday.

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