Friday, 7 August 2009

Onwards again, but only a little way

We left Cosgrove yesterday morning in glorious sunshine, what a change from the miserable wet weather that we’ve had recently.  We stopped briefly at Baxter’s boatyard to change a gas bottle, where we had a nasty experience.  Rog held the boat in while I nipped off to find someone and ask if they had any 6kg gas bottles, and was told that someone would be with us in 5 or 10 minutes.  I went back to tell Rog and tie up the boat but the chap was hard an my heels and obviously in a hurry so I took the centre rope from Rog, and he went on board to get the old bottle out – in 20 seconds flat the chap had dumped the new one on board and disappeared into his little hut.  Rog went to get his wallet and followed, leaving me still holding the centre rope.  Meanwhile, the chaps little dog had decided to put his front paws on our gunwale to have a look at Cassie through the side hatch.  I could see what was going to happen but was powerless to prevent it – the boat drifted out a little and the dog fell in!  All I could do was yell and hold the boat away from the wharf so it wouldn’t drift in and crush the poor little thing.   The chap came dashing out and hauled the dog out – obviously very annoyed as he muttered ‘should have tied the boat up then’!  He then proceeded to stomp off in a huff!  If he had stuck around I would have told him to keep his dog under control, (especially as there is a sign asking customers to keep their dogs on board).  He was probably right that we should have tied up, but he hardly gave us the chance!  To add insult to injury, the price of the gas was at least a couple of quid more expensive than anywhere else!Anyway, it quite ruined my morning, and I brooded on it for ages after. I hate it when things like that happen. We won’t be using Baxter’s again on principle!

We had been heading for Stoke Bruerne, but decided to stop short as there were a lot of boats heading that way and we thought we might not get a mooring.  We found a lovely sheltered spot between bridged 57 and 58, with just sheep for neighbours.

SDC10127 SDC10128SDC10129  

It proved to be a wise decision – the sun was blazing down when we moored.  Rog got out his fishing tackle and I got on with making some lunch.  Within half and hour the clouds had come over, and in another half an hour it started to rain –and rain, and rain!  We had a huge thunderstorm which went on for ages, and even when it had passed over, it still continued to rain.  It didn’t stop until just before we got up this morning, and we have had a lovely day today.  We decided to stay here for the day, and will move on to Stoke Bruerne tomorrow morning in the hope that we can moor for the night, as I want to go into the gift shop at the museum to buy a present for someone. 

Rog got out his fishing tackle again this morning, but caught nothing by crayfish all day (unfortunately, the crayfish kept letting go when he tried to land them, otherwise we would have had a tasty meal tonight – oh well, it will just have to be pasta!)

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