Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spoke too soon!…..

After the rain had stopped yesterday evening, we were visited by a family of ducks, eight half grown ducklings with Mum – they were certainly hungry! Mum’s just peeping into the photo on the left.  I think that’s the most live ducklings we’ve seen with just one mother.SDC10208

Just as we were preparing for bed, we ran the tap and….. clang, clang, clang went the pressure release valve on the calorifier again!  We tried every which way to stop it, but it just kept going on and dumping water every time the water pump turned off.   Just as we thought it was fixed!!!  Obviously I spoke too soon in yesterday’s blog.  We ended up turning the water pump off overnight and hoping that it had righted itself by this morning.  We didn’t sleep very well for worrying about it and were up early this morning to check it out.  No such luck, it was still doing it.  So, another phone call to Beacon to ask them to meet us at Trinity Marina in Hinckley.  By the time we arrived, the law of sod had been in action and it was all fine again!  Neil and Ali came out anyway and added more pressure to the accumulator tank, hoping that it would equalize the pressure – we await results!!

Our Mr Tesco delivery arrived just fine – the chap didn’t seem at all fazed about delivering to a boat.  It caused a great deal of interest amongst some of the other moorers though – they were very interested to know how it was done.

SDC10212And before you environmentally conscious  bods throw up your hands in horror at all the carrier bags – we didn’t know whether we would have to carry the shopping to the boat or not, so thought we’d better be safe and have bags this time.  We do re-cycle them though – we use them as bin bags, and they are biodegradable! 

One last thing – the folk here at Trinity Marina are lovely – we asked for a mooring within the Marina as we didn’t know whether we might be stuck here for a few days as we had a problem, and they couldn’t have been more helpful.  We wouldn’t hesitate to moor here again.


  1. Hi Folks
    I am pleased that you are getting good service from Beacon in sorting out the teething problems and hopefully all is now resolved. Take care see you about hopefully.

  2. Hi Lesley - yes we certainly are getting good service. Still happening at random times though - We are trying to pinpoint exactly when it happens, usually either when there is a lot of really hot water in the tank (understandable I suppose) or when there is only lukewarm (not understandable at all !!??) Heads are still being scratched as to the cause!! Hopefully a cause and a fix might become clear soon. Take care xxx


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