Sunday, 1 June 2014

A beautiful day…..

Today dawned clear and bright and we departed our overnight mooring at about 9.30.



Half an hour later we were at Braunston tunnel.  A reasonably dry run through the tunnel today, and we were just congratulating ourselves on timing it right to not meet any boats going the other way, when 3 came along at once!  Just a minute later we exited the tunnel and were heading for the top of the locks.  We passed this strange craft – you find all manner of boats at Braunston!


We were lucky that we had to wait a little while for the top lock as it allowed the boat following us through the tunnel to catch up, and share the decent with us.  A lovely couple on nb Reflections, but I forgot to ask their names.


We had a very quick decent as the flight was busy, boats coming up in each lock so they were all ready for us, until the penultimate lock where a queue had formed.  The volunteer lockie was at the bottom lock, 2 locks down, had, in his infinite wisdom decided to hold up passage to let two boats come up 2 locks before allowing the 4 boats in our queue down!  None of us could see the point – it meant that the lock we were at, which was ready for the 2 boats ahead of us, had to be emptied again to await the ascending boats.  Oh well, that’s what happens when you ‘employ’ volunteer lockies and don’t train them properly.  Miserable sod he was too!

Having stopped at the Gongoozler’s Rest and got our butties, we filled up and emptied as necessary, and then continued on our way.


Having turned back to take the obligatory photo of the twin bridges at the junction, I was lucky to catch 2 Aussies in a hire boat crashing into the bank, having taken the bend far too fast!

We also got photos of 3 fellow blogger’s boats – we always meet someone we know at Braunston!  First of all, nb Sanity Again – a quick chat with Sheila who was on the bow as we passed, then nb Oakfield, and last of all, nb Waiouru, complete with laundry! 




Oh, and we also spotted nb Caxton, now on her third owner, hiding in Braunston Marina, but not clearly enough to get a photo.

6.5 miles and 6 locks

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