Saturday, 7 June 2014

A day of rest? I don’t think so…..

We awoke to thunder and lightening and heavy rain this morning – Rog got up and I turned over and went back to sleep!  Eventually, after 2 cups of tea, I dragged myself out of bed.


On a miserable morning like this there was only one option for breakfast – porridge!  It must have done the trick because soon after breakfast the rain seemed to have stopped and I decided to take Ozzy for his morning constitutional in the woods that border the canal, and Rog decided to clear out the bow well lockers – a job that he has been promising himself to do for at least 2 years!  He set to and I set out, but before I’d gone a hundred yards into the woods the heavens opened again and Ozzy and I got soaked. Oh well, never mind, keep calm and carry on – so we did!  Some 30 minutes later we were back at the boat, having had enough.  After I had dried off, I decided not to be outdone, so I cleared out our kick-board drawers in the galley – I’m ashamed to say that I had to get the vacuum out to clear away the dust, and I had to wash or wipe everything stored in them.  Rog then started on the locker on the back deck, I however, was all domesticated-out, so I sat and watched.

About 2.30 the rain stopped again and the clouds parted to reveal blue sky, so we locked up the boat and went into the woods to do a bit of geo-caching.  A few years ago, Karen and Ian from nb Serenity, and I (Rog was suffering from his bad toe at the time and remained on the boat) went and found one cache, but couldn’t find the second, and after walking round in circles for what seemed like hours, we gave it up.  This time, Rog and I were determined to find it.  Again we walked around in circles, never seeming to get within 500 feet of the hidden cache.  We ended up back on the towpath so decided to have one more go and then give up.  This time we found it quite easily just a couple of hundred yards into the woods!  Hooray!


Back to the boat for a welcome cuppa, and with the clouds piling up again,  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the rain for today.  The forecast is better for tomorrow, so we’ll press on then.

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