Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Trouble at 't’mill?…..

We really are beginning to feel the influence of being ‘oop north’ now.  We stopped in Macclesfield this morning, opposite the old Hovis Mill to replenish a few supplies.


on some very skanky so-called ‘visitor moorings’ – Macclesfield certainly doesn’t make it’s water-borne visitors very welcome.  A short piece of concrete, not even 50ft long and the rest is a broken stone edge covered with weeds.  I suppose that the provision of a few mooring rings makes them feel they’ve done enough.  Nb Holly, who had left a few minutes after us passed while we were mooring up.


No sooner was Macclesfield behind us, when we arrived in Bollington – as usual all the moorings were taken up with ‘crusties’.  It seems that everywhere there is a bit of Armco, there is a crusty moored on it!  However, Bollington was a little more picturesque.


Adelphi Mill




Clarence Mill

We continued on, starting to look for a mooring, but being unsuccessful.  We met Beacon Boat nb Willow Two just after Clarence Mill, but unfortunately we couldn’t get in to the bank to stop and have a chat, and as we had another boat coming fast up our jacksy we couldn’t hover in mid channel, so we had a fleeting ‘Hello, how are you?’ and went on our respective ways.


We caught John and Monica up at Lyme View Marina, while they were filling with diesel, so we followed suit and are now both moored opposite the marina for the rest of the day.  Ozzy was so pleased as he got to play with Ollie again.

10.8 miles and 0 locks


  1. Ahhh yes we remember it well! The Macclesfield Canal is such a lovely slice of England but its a bear to find a place to moor. We too were shocked at the lack of proper visitor mooring in the town itself. Enjoy the views when you do find a place put in your pins.
    Jaq and LesXX

  2. Disgraceful really as moorings in Mac and Bollington were occupied or too shallow for us when we came down the Macclesfield Canal last year. We were very disapointed to miss them.
    Wozie nb Oakfield


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