Monday, 30 June 2014

A couple of easy days…..

Yesterday we stayed put at Coole Pilate and after breakfast started on the front cratch – it desperately needed rubbing down and staining.  While I took Ozzy for a walk, Rog took off the windows and started rubbing down the frame.  When Ozzy and I returned, I started on the windows.  Rog got the frame and the outside of the windows stained, and just about dry when it started to rain!  He put it back together quickly and then did the inside of the windows from the well deck in the dry.  I must say it looks 100% better.  We will probably give it another coat at some point on the trip.


A job well done, I think.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  At one point we were all on our own on this lovely mooring.  Even later on there were only about 5 boats here.


One plus point to not mowing too often is that it allows the wild flowers to grow.  There was a huge clump of daisies just up the towpath.


This morning we made the very short hop up to Audlem, all of 2 miles.  However, we haven’t had a completely idle day.  We’ve been shopping, done some washing, hoovered up half the countryside which had accumulated in the boat, had lunch at the Shroppie Fly, and browsed around Audlem Mill Craft Shop.  Of course I couldn’t come out without buying something – I’ve got a cross stitch kit of Audlem to add to my collection.  Also, they were hugely kind and exchanged a kit that I bought here three years ago but had never opened because I decided I didn’t like it.  We then came back to the boat and had tea and cake, and Rog is just about to go and fill us up with water as we are moored but a hose-length away from the water point.


Moored 2 locks up the Audlem flight – we’ll do the other 13 tomorrow


Audlem Wharf, the Shroppie Fly and the Audlem Mill Craft Shop.  This is one of our favourite places on the system.

2.1 miles and 2 locks

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