Friday, 6 June 2014

A short cruising day…..

Another day dawned bright and clear, but, pushing back the guilty feeling that we should be taking advantage of the weather to get some more cruising miles in, and knowing what the mooring (or lack of it) is like along this stretch of the Coventry, we decided to have a short cruise today, and moor in one of our favourite spots.  We may just be here overnight, or, we may stay tomorrow as well, if the weather forecast is correct in predicting rain and thunder storms.


We stopped briefly in Polesworth so that Rog could replenish beer/cider stocks, and a few other items, and were on our way again fairly quickly.  Another 20 minutes and we were at our planned stopping point.


Now moored opposite the ruined Alvecote Priory.  Rog says he may do some fishing this afternoon.

5 miles and 0 locks

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