Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another day, another mill, another canal…..

Yesterday we left our overnight mooring opposite Lyme View marina and set out for the first objective of our cruise, Bugsworth Basin.


Goyt Mill at Marpleridge


About to turn right onto the Peak Forest Canal at Marple


The top of the Marple flight – not this trip!




Stunning views


The Swizzles-Matlows factory at New Mills– maker of Love Hearts and sherbet – you can smell the sherbet before you get there!



Cottages and houses with views to die for


Moored now in Bugsworth Basin.  Nb Holly arrived several hours after us, and have moored just around the corner in a little hideaway, all alone.  We took our chairs around and had wine and beer (what else?) and let the two best mates play.


11.3 miles and 0 locks (but 2 swing bridges and 2 lift bridges)

Today we have had a lazy, relaxed day (well I have anyway!)  After taking Ozzy for a walk, I sat out with my book and supervised while Rog touched up the blacking and scrubbed the cratch cover.  We went and had lunch at the Navigation Inn at the head of the basin, then came back and sat in the sun again.  We ‘entertained’ John and Monica to afternoon tea, before they went back to their boat to prepare to be collected this evening by a relative (cousin I think) who lives in Whaley Bridge and had invited them for supper.

Bugsworth Basin


Lower basin – where we are moored so we can get a satellite picture for tonight’s match


Middle basin


Middle basin arm (where nb Holly is moored now)


Upper basin

Tomorrow morning we will leave and stop at the end of the basin to do a quick shop at Tesco, and start our return journey to the Macc and the T & M, probably mooring in the same spots as on the way up – so I probably won’t do any more blogs until we are on fresh waters again, unless anything worth reporting happens.  So ta-ra for now, back in about a week or so.


  1. Our favourite mooring on the Macc was just south of Bridge 86, near Ramsdell Hall. There are railings rather than a hedge along the towpath so you get fantastic views across Cheshire, and you can walk down across the fields to the National Trust property Little Moreton Hall, which is well worth a visit if you like that sort of thing.

  2. And if you fancy something a bit more energetic, there's a path up to Mow Cop from there too...

  3. Adam. Yes, know where you mean, it's lovely, but was rammed when we came up earlier in the week. Hopefully on the way back....

    Geoff - not a chance!!!!


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