Monday, 23 June 2014

Back on the T & M

Just a quick catch up – we left Bugsworth Basin on Friday morning, stopping at Tesco for a top-up of provisions.  We continued back down the Peak Forest and the Macc, mooring in the same spots as before, in company with Monica on John on nb Holly.  We have now said our goodbyes as they have turned south again on the T & M and we have turned north.  We enjoyed our time on the Macc and Peak Forest very much, made better by meeting such lovely people.  They don’t live far from us so we shall be seeing them again soon.  Just a few photos of our trip back.


Both dogs very interested in what’s going on ahead


Exiting Macclesfield, the high retaining wall in a sight to behold


Very leaky locks at Bosley – I got to drive the boat for most of the locks as I had my weak and feeble head on and was struggling with the bottom gate paddles


Another pic of Mow Cop


We didn’t have a very fast journey from Lyme View to Watery Lane Aquaduct yesterday – we got stuck behind 2 boats (both private boats) who had yet to find any speed higher than tickover.  We think the bloke driving the first of the two boats may have been pissed had one too many, as he was all over the place and came to a complete standstill every time a boat came towards him.  This is the ensuing chaos when 5 boats were trying to fit into a very small space!


Nb Holly appearing from behind – they had also had a slow journey, and stopped to help when a dog fell into the water at Bosley locks, followed shortly by it’s owner who was trying to rescue it.  I’m glad to say that neither the dog or owner was any worse for their dunking.


This looked very tranquil in ‘real life’.  Two bridges and a weeping willow – unfortunately my camera didn’t capture it very well.


Lovely garden with plants tumbling down to the water, and some actually growing from the bridge stonework.


Turning onto the T & M – straight into the first lock of Heartbreak Hill.  No more photos today as I was working too hard!  We are now moored at Rode Heath, 12 of the locks done.  We felt we deserved a reward as it was hard work in blazing sunshine, so we went to the pub!  Takeaway Chinese tonight.

Yesterday – 7.5 miles and 12 locks

Today -  8 miles and 13 locks

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