Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fradley to Wolseley…..

Having filled with water and trolleyed the cassette down to the sanni, we left Fradley a little later than planned, mainly due to my slight tardiness in getting out of bed this morning!  Well, I am on my holibobs, after all!

Up the two locks at Fradley (the lovely Shade House at the top lock is still for sale), I then walked to Woodend Lock with Ozzy – it was further than I thought, and the towpath was extremely boggy in places.  The lock behind us, I set to and made some bacon butties for a late brunch.  It seemed to take an age before we got to Handsacre, with it’s pretty, well tended gardens which make the most of their canal-side settings, and then on to Armitage.



The obligatory photo of the famous factory and it’s product – this one’s for you Judy!

Past the ‘Plum Pudding’, which serves delicious Italian food – this one’s for you, Karen.


Into Armitage ‘tunnel’, which is only wide enough for one boat, and is no longer a tunnel, but a bridge and a few hundred yards of narrows where the tunnel roof has been removed.




And into Rugeley, where we managed to moor and use the new Tesco beside Bridge 66, towpath side – it couldn’t be more convenient.  Cupboards well stocked again, we moved on, heading for our proposed mooring by the pig farm, between Rugeley and Wolseley.  However we were lucky enough to find a spot just before, with Armco, and just enough room for one boat (our preferred type of mooring).  We got the chairs out and had teas and cakes on the lawn.  Just enough time to drink our tea when we had to dash inside to avoid the storm.  It’s rumbling around us now, and very windy, but the rain has stopped for the time being.



9.4 miles and 3 locks

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