Thursday, 16 September 2010


Yesterday morning we set out for Cosgrove.  It was raining and we considered staying where we were in Fenny Stratford, but we were half on the 24hr moorings and half on the 14 day moorings.  The mooring warden had been along earlier, as Rog was letting Cassie out for her morning wee, and made it clear that he expected us to be moving along!  So move along we did – but we were very tempted to tell him to move get the BW work boat moved off the 24hour moorings and we’d think about it!  They could do with him down on the K & A!!
An uneventful mornings cruising saw us at Cosgrove about 2 o’clock.  Cassie and I went for a walk and re-discovered the river walk beside the Great Ouse, down past Cosgrove Aqueduct – not so ‘Great’ here, more or a meandering stream.
The Great Ouse from Cosgrove Aqueduct
Cassie decided to go walkabout this morning, down a very steep bank to a stagnant pool below – 20 minutes later we managed to get her back – covered in muck and slime!  I think we might move on a bit tomorrow, as I’ve only just managed to stop her sneaking back for another go twice today.  There is a nice pub about half an hour up the canal, the Navigation, by Bridge 64.  We visited there many moons ago in our old boat ‘Teasel’ – maybe it’s time to try it again. (Has anyone counted how many canal side pubs called ‘The Navigation’ there are – it would be interesting to know!).

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