Sunday, 19 September 2010

Strange night-time goings-on at Stoke Bruerne!…

We went for a curry last night at the Spice of Bruerne restaurant, and very good it was too.

SDC11172 Spice of Bruerne, right beside the top lock

As we let Cassie out for a last wee before bedtime last night we could see torches and hear voices and the rattling of a plastic tarpaulin in the nature reserve just over the other side of the fence from the towpath.  Very suspicious – it was pouring with rain and not the sort of night that nature lovers would camp out to watch the wildlife, also they were far too close to the path to have seen anything much anyway.  After watching for a while we shrugged and went to bed, although Rog said that sometime later her heard what sounded like a shot, or a firework going off.  This morning there was a blue plastic tarpaulin rolled up and tied into a neat bundle just by the gate into the reserve, but no sign of the owners.  Our guess is a vagrant or two, but why leave their tarpaulin behind?  It remains a mystery – we’ll see if it happens again tonight.

This morning, to escape the inevitable result of Rog eating curry last night that was permeating the boat, I took Cassie for along walk along the horse-path over Blisworth Tunnel.

SDC11169 Stoke Bruerne wharf

SDC11170 The entrance to Blisworth Tunnel from the horse-path

SDC11171 The bank giving way just short of the tunnel entrance

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